FAUN Ersatzteil-Aktion: Hydraulikzylinder



The big hit: from 10 September to 11 October you get special prices on hydraulic cylinders for the rear loaders VARIOPRESS and POWERPRESS (prices are not discountable!).

Orders by e-mail, as always, to spareparts@faun.com or talk to your contact in your FAUN customer center.

Hydraulic cylinder VARIOPRESS Special price FAUN-Nr.
Carrier plate right 649,00 € HV7535
Carrier plate left 649,00 € HV7536
Press plate right 499,00 € HV7537
Press plate left 499,00 € HV7538
Hydraulic cylinder POWERPRESS Special price FAUN-Nr.
Press plate left 1.099,00 € 5247040
Press plate right 1.099,00 € 5247041
Carrier plate left 1.199,00 € 5247042
Carrier plate right 1.199,00 € 5247043