Our products have one primary task – to clean the environment – and this is the objective throughout our entire organisation.
Sustainability and efficiency are the forces that drive every FAUN employee.



In order to meet our customers’ demands we set very high standards, both for ourselves and for our products. We adopt a pragmatic approach in order to achieve our objectives and follow through from start to finish. Compliance with tested processes and standards contributes to the long-term success of the company.

FAUN is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

Nowadays, quality management is recognised as an essential factor in any modern company. Certification and standardisation play an important part in all the companies belonging to the FAUN Group. Quality starts with purchasing and the selection of raw materials and continues through the production of our waste disposal vehicles and sweepers. Quality also plays a significant role in our internal processes. Work processes are subject to constant improvement. FAUN’s in-house project ‘CIP’ (continual improvement process) is an integral part of our company and is actively practised by all employees.



Stable values, economical use of resources and social responsibility are the building blocks of our corporate culture. We use materials that promote high quality and sustainability. As a market leader, we are aware of our responsibility towards sustainable environmental protection. A responsible approach to climate is traditional in our company. We started to address environmental issues at a very early stage.
As early as 1979 we manufactured the AK 436 sweeper, which featured reduced exhaust emissions, low noise and high fuel economy. In 1991 we received the world’s first eco-label, the “Blue Angel”, for the VEGA road vehicle.  With the current hybrid vehicle, ROTOPRESS DUALPOWER, we are setting new trends in fuel economy and low-noise waste disposal.

KLIMASCHUTZ DURCH KREISLAUFWIRTSCHAFT E.V. (Association for climate protection through the circular economy)

FAUN is a member of the “Klimaschutz durch Kreislaufwirtschaft e.V.” (Association for climate protection through the circular economy). The objective of this association is to promote the exchange of ideas and joint projects between companies and organisations that actively address climate protection and want to advocate further common development of the economic potential of North Rhine-Westphalia.

You will find further information on the website of the association: