Mutual respect is the basis of a free society.

From left to right: Arndt G. Kirchhoff, J. Wolfgang Kirchhoff, Johannes F. Kirchhoff

Dear Employees,

Visions and values are especially important for us as a family-run company. For generations, actively putting common values into practice in life has formed the basis for trust-based cooperation and business success. This includes, above all, the company standing up for its employees, but also for the society in which we are operating our business. Back in the 19th century, our workforce received social benefits, before this was prescribed by law. And today too, as a global player with over 50 locations on three continents, we are aware that our true competitive advantage lies in our motivated and well-trained staff; any company can purchase the necessary technology. Mutual respect is the basis of a free society.


FAUN is reliably progressive. Our mission is to support you, day in day out, with high-performance, high-quality refuse collection vehicles and sweepers. That is why we work relentlessly to optimise every detail of our technology. We rely on a consistent quality concept that is improved on an ongoing basis in this endeavour.

Our vision
It is important that all employees have a common understanding of the corporate objective so that FAUN can be successful. A common vision creates a feeling of solidarity and gives direction to our quest. It expresses our aspiration to always be among the best in everything we do. Every individual contributes towards making our vision a reality.

  • FAUN is the leading and trend-setting company for waste disposal technology and its components.
  • FAUN is a tightly managed and well organised company, with which our employees can identify.
  • We serve our customers in an exemplary way and support them in their development.
  • FAUN provides appropriate solutions to all our customers through research and development and by making pioneering investments.
  • FAUN builds on our company’s strengths by means of stable and profitable growth.
  • We strengthen our employees’ skills by providing targeted education and training.

Our values

Our values provide direction and security. They form the basis of our day-to-day activities. We work according to these values in all the companies of the KIRCHHOFF Group around the world.

Honesty &

Trust &

ecological &

Honesty and reliability, trust and respect, social, ecological and cultural responsibility, which apply to FAUN and all the companies belonging to the KIRCHHOFF Group.

Regardless of who we are, or what our place is in the FAUN team, this small book,“Vision and Values”, should be the mandatory basis for each of us in our day-to-day activities.

What do our values mean for our society?

Values hold our society together. They have an immediate impact on our daily life together and form a framework that gives direction and security even in our fast-moving times and in the global environment that is becoming constantly more complex.

Why do we, as a company, place values at the centre of our day-to-day activities?

FAUN’s values are deeply anchored in our company culture. They describe what is important in our daily life together and what makes us special. We see them as the basis for our success in society. FAUN’s values give clarity and commitment in our dealings with colleagues, employees and managers and with our customers, suppliers and cooperation partners. They form a framework for appreciating every single employee in his uniqueness and for understanding cultural differences. We see these cultural differences as an asset and a source of innovation and constant improvement.

Our values not only strengthen our responsibility for the sustainable development of our society, but also promote the conservation of nature and biodiversity in the interest of future generations. They are the bond that unites all FAUN employees into one strong team.