Hyundai Motor Group’s HTWO Fuel Cell Technology to Provide Clean Power for FAUN’s ENGINIUS Commercial Trucks
: von links: Patrick Hermanspann (CEO FAUN Group), Jaakko Happonen (Gründer, Chefdesigner, Trombia Technologies), Helmut Schmeh (Geschäftsführer FAUN Viatec GmbH), Petri Heikkinen (Chefdesigner/Partner, Trombia Technologies), Roosa Hakkarainen (Vorstandsmitglied, Trombia Technologies), Tim Collet (Geschäftsführer FAUN Expotec GmbH), Antti Nikkanen (CEO/Partner, Trombia Technologies), Tapio Nikkanen (Vorsitzender/Gründer, Trombia Technologies).  Übersetzt mit (kostenlose Version)
FAUN Group acquires majority shareholding in Finnish company Trombia Technologies
4. October 2022

Hyundai Motor Group (the Group)’s dedicated fuel cell system brand
HTWO today signed into partnership with ENGINIUS, a subsidiary of FAUN Group, to supply fuel cell systems
for mass production of hydrogen-powered commercial trucks. Through its cooperation with FAUN Group, a
key player in the European refuse truck market, HTWO will further accelerate its fuel cell system business. …[…]

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