Hyundai Motor Group’s HTWO Fuel Cell Technology to Provide Clean Power for FAUN’s ENGINIUS Commercial Trucks

Hyundai Motor Group (the Group)’s dedicated fuel cell system brand HTWO today signed into partnership with ENGINIUS, a subsidiary of FAUN Group, to supply fuel cell systems for mass production of hydrogen-powered commercial trucks …[…]

German FAUN Group acquires the majority of Finnish Trombia Technologies

With effect to 1st. October 2022, FAUN Group takes over the majority shares from Finnish manufacturer Trombia Technologies Oy […]

FAUN with a large world of experience at IFAT2022

„Right here. Right now.“ is the motto of FAUN’s trade fair appearance at IFAT 2022.. […]the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies

FAUN at BAUMA 2019

FAUN is presenting two road sweepers from its VIAJET range at BAUMA – each model is designed for specialist tasks.. […Press Briefing FAUN BAUMA 2019]

Australian Joint Venture between FAUN and Superior Pak

Superior Pak, Australia’s largest manufacturer and servicer of mobile waste equipment, has announced a joint venture with FAUN Group, part of the worldwide operating KIRCHHOFF Group, Europe’s leading manufacturer of waste handling equipment and road sweepers. […]

FAUN and the great guys “Pfundskerle” go future

The FAUN Group is set to put on a spectacular display of its latest technical innovations at leading industry trade fair IFAT from 14 to 18 May 2018. The European market leader in refuse collection vehicles and road sweepers will be showcasing four world-firsts at the event in Munich[…]

Flugfeldkehrmaschine TERRAJET

FAUN zeigt zur inter airport in München die Flugfeldkehrmaschine TERRAJET. Besuchen Sie uns im Freigelände, Stand D100. […]


From 11th to 13th June 2017, the FAUN Group will be presenting two vehicles for use in urban areas at Europe’s largest open-air exhibition in the green sector. […]

From Grimma to all corners of the world

The halls of the Grimma industrial area in the Bahnhofstraße are a beehive of activity. From everywhere, the hustle and bustle of production can be heard, and motors are humming. […]

FAUN presents its special VIAJET AQUATHERM sweeping machine at the IFBA trade fair

The manufacturer of sweeper systems, FAUN Viatec GmbH, presents its VIAJET sweeper with supplementary AQUATHERM equipment at the International Trade Fair for Recovery and Towing (IFBA). […]

New commercial leadership at KIRCHHOFF Automotive

In future, Tanja Dreilich will be head of the commercial sector of KIRCHHOFF Automotive Holding in her new role as Chief Financial Officer (CFO).[…]

Annual press conference: Despite turbulence, further stable growth in 2016

This year’s political and economic turbulence inevitably had an effect on turnover. However, the Kirchhoff Group has come through these troubled times in the world with continued stable growth.[…]

FAUN acquires PB Environnement

The FAUN Group has acquired French manufacturer Provence Bennes (PB) Environnement to strengthen its market position.[…]

FAUN showcasing two world firsts in the refuse collection vehicle sector

FAUN is presenting innovative solutions for collection technology and bringing 17 waste disposal vehicles to Munich.[…]

Sweepers for special applications plus a world first: The brand new modular cockpit

FAUN is set to showcase eight new road sweeper models and the AQUAJET road cleaner in Munich. In addition to these innovations, the company will also present a number of product enhancements designed with the user in mind, and is set to unveil the new modular cockpit for the first time. […]

FAUN and its great guys deliver great service

FAUN presents innovative solutions for waste disposal logistics and road cleaning – including three world firsts and tailored service concepts. […]

VIAJET 12 – the best results for construction sites

From 11th to 17th April 2016, the FAUN Group will be presenting two of its POWER class sweepers at the BAUMA Trade Fair in Munich. Both vehicles were specially designed for construction site operations. […]

VIAJET 8 - designed for construction sites

With the VIAJET 8 and VIAJET 12, FAUN is exhibiting two sweepers intended for tough applications on construction sites.[…]

FAUN is part of the KIRCHHOFF Group.