FAUN showcasing two world firsts in the refuse collection vehicle sector


FAUN - SIDEPRESS C1100 refuse collection vehicle

Osterholz-Scharmbeck, 30.05.2016. FAUN is presenting innovative solutions for collection technology and bringing 17 waste disposal vehicles to Munich.

WORLD FIRST. Reversing Safety System (RSS)

FAUN has developed a unique solution - the first of its kind in the world - designed to protect operators travelling on the footboards. The loading personnel stand safely on the footboard and cover the rear working area, of which the driver only has a limited view. The system is comprised of a bracket with sensors in the handle, and is very easy to operate. The loading staff can stop the vehicle at any time during reverse travel. The system requires no sensitive and delicate electronics. The RAS is currently being installed in customer vehicles for testing purposes.

WORLD FIRST. A new addition to the SIDEPRESS side loader family

It was FAUN who took the bold step of launching the first side loaders onto the German market 25 years ago. FAUN now has a quarter of a century's worth of experience in side loader technology. At IFAT 2014, the body specialist presented four vehicles from the modular side loader series, with pendulum compactors and new containers based on those seen in the rear loader family. Since its exhibition debut, more than 100 of these vehicles have been ordered. and at IFAT 2016, FAUN is set to introduce four new variants of the technology, including one world first. The company will showcase its proven C1100 arc lifter, designed for the collection of 60 to 1,100 l containers via double-comb or double-diamond attachments. Both are available as removable solutions. The C1100 vertical is the first ever lifter on the market with true close attachment. The third new lifter is the F3000, designed for the collection of large containers up to 3.2 m³ in volume, with 1.5 t lifting force. As an option, the F3000 can be equipped with an automated container attachment. Deployment of the F3000 significantly reduces logistics costs, as fewer stops are required and large containers can be attached faster and more safely to one-man-operation side loaders. The FAUN SIDEPRESS FC1100 is a world first and a revolution in below-ground systems. The vehicle can pick up containers up to 3.2 m³ via its pin, comb or diamond attachment, both above and below ground: This system is a single investment for two applications: In classic below-ground systems, containers are opened from the base and are therefore not leak-proof. In addition, this solution also requires a large, manually operated crane superstructure to lift the container out of the ground. This necessitates a great deal of space and effort. FAUN's innovative new system for below-ground containers is a world first - a perfect solution in terms of design, cleanliness and logistics. The FC1100 lifter lifts the container from the ground and empties it into the vehicle body - without the driver needing to leave the cab.

VARIOPRESS. User-optimised enhancements

The VARIOPRESS plus version of the popular rear loader will be on show in Munich with a new body container. The rear loader benefits from greater manoeuvrability and optimised axle weight distribution. The new integrated DELTA lifter weighs just 650 kg and can be filled across the entire opening. A further version of the best seller VARIOPRESS uses an electrically operated lifter that can empty containers even when the chassis engine is off. A central lubrication monitoring system simplifies maintenance of the body and lifter.

ECOPOWER. Graduated hybrid solutions for waste disposal vehicles

With the three variants HYDROPOWER, E-POWER and DUALPOWER, FAUN has the appropriate hybrid solution in its portfolio for a variety of application scenarios and different requirements. HYDROPOWER is the name FAUN gives to its implementation of the KERS hydraulic accumulator which is well-known in motor racing. The deceleration of the refuse collection vehicle is hardly perceptible for the driver and is achieved via the hydraulic pump, which accumulates this energy in a gas pressure tank, instead of in the conventional way via the engine and service brake, allowing the braking energy to be released as heat. The lifter is operated from the accumulator, without the main engine supplying any energy. Waste collection vehicles make an average 14% fuel saving during collection operations with HYDROPOWER. Vehicle with the DUALPOWER option recover braking energy in stop and go mode, and store this energy as electricity in supercaps. This energy comes in handy during the next collection operation: During collection, the collection vehicle uses a separate electric drive train (DUALPOWER). The vehicle's own drive is only used during long transport journeys. DUALPOWER vehicles are environmentally friendly and can reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption by 40%. As the body and the lifter are electrically powered, the noise produced by the DUALPOWER during inner-city collection operations is reduced to 90 decibels. This means that DUALPOWER vehicles can be used for early-morning and late-night collections. The E-POWER solution comprises a plug-in battery package for the vehicle body. with this solution, diesel is only used to power the chassis - the body and the lifter are electrically powered.

myFAUN. Telematics application from the manufacturer

The myFAUN option (the FAUN telematics system) provides real-time weight and ID data, along with body and chassis data and GPS signal information. With myFAUN, new route sections can be added to the myFAUN navigation system for the driver even after the vehicle has set off on its route - a feature that can be useful for tasks such as sharing extra work out between teams after a public holiday. In the future, all waste collection vehicles and road sweepers from FAUN will be fitted, as an ex-works option, with all the technology required to collect data, for example about the vehicle, the route or the containers emptied, and to save this data in an appropriate location. Sensors will record not only how heavy a waste container is, but also where it is located and who it is allocated to, as well as transferring vehicle status information that is relevant to use and maintenance. This solution lays the technical foundations for building Waste Logistics 4.0 in partnership with our customers. FAUN's objective is to develop even more efficient, demand-oriented solutions for the collection and transport of recycling and waste materials and to increase transparency along the process chain.

Visit FAUN at the FM 514/1 open-air exhibition area.


PDF Press release:FAUN@IFAT_2016_Pressrelease_refusecollectionvehicles

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