The HYDROPOWER option offers the possibility of environmentally friendly, economic refuse collection by installing a hydraulic accumulator which is charged by the hydraulic pump during braking. The accumulated energy is then used to run the lifting and tipping system.

The kinetic deceleration energy of a conventional refuse collection vehicle is normally given off as waste heat into the environment and is therefore “lost” in terms of running the vehicle.

HYDROPOWER converts most of the vehicle’s kinetic deceleration energy into hydraulic energy. The FCS (FAUN CONTROL SYSTEM) for the body controls the braking energy which is used to fill the hydraulic accumulator. As soon as the accumulator is filled, the accumulated energy is used to drive the lifting and tipping system. The energy obtained in this way is sufficient for several tipping procedures, without having to increase the engine speed.

HYDROPOWER start-stop

A second pressure accumulator with a smaller volume is switched in parallel to the first and this one is only intended for hydraulic starting of the main engine.

At a glance :

  • Lower fuel consumption
    Vehicles with the HYDROPOWER lifter consume 2,985 litres less fuel per year. There is a reduction of up to 14 percent in consumption during collection operations. (Real values may vary depending on the operating conditions.)
  • 14% reduction in CO2 emissions
    Vehicles equipped with HYDROPOWER generate 7.912 tonnes fewer CO2 emissions per year and per vehicle.
  • HYDROPOWER’s compatibility
    The HYDROPOWER option can be fitted onto any type of body and lifter.

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