Our ECOPOWER options mean you can determine how comprehensively you want to optimise your refuse collection vehicle fleet in terms of reducing fuel consumption, particulate matter and nitrogen oxide, along with noise and CO2 emissions.

With our intelligent systems, HYDROPOWER (lifter with KERS hydraulic accumulator), E-POWER (battery set for electrical operation of the body and lifter) or DUALPOWER (diesel-electric hybrid drive), you are relying on innovative and intelligent eco-systems, which are worthwhile both economically and ecologically.

In addition to the concrete benefits, such as up to 33 percent lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, you can for example reduce noise generation with the DUALPOWER option from a typical 106 dB (A) to as low as 90 dB (A).

As well as providing the technical benefits mentioned above, these positive effects are also for instance ideally suited to improving your image in the local authority environment.




The HYDROPOWERoption offers the possibility of environmentally friendly, economic refuse collection by installing a hydraulic accumulator which is charged by the hydraulic pump during braking. The accumulated energy is then used to run the lifting and tipping system.



Another option in the search for lower fuel consumption and reduced noise emissions is the battery set that is charged via the “plug-in process” and used for the electrical operation of the body and lifter of refuse collection vehicles. This system is called E-POWER.


100% electric

With the BLUEPOWER option, FAUN is in tune with the times. In test mode off 2019.

FAUN is part of the KIRCHHOFF Group.