The side loader

Fast and innovative

The new FAUN SIDEPRESS combines a high usable volume with fast loading and high-performance compaction in a one-man-operation vehicle.

The new design of the impermeable hopper compactor and the new body container, together with the elegantly encased lifter, form a single, fully integrated unit. Through the repositioning of the lifter, the envelope curve of the motion path has been shortened, and lateral kick-out
has been reduced. The lifter is operated from the driver’s seat using a joystick, with right or left-handed control options.

Although the body weight has been reduced to approximately 7,400 kg, capacity has increased to 28 m³. Thanks to the enlarged loading chambers, multiple classic waste bins of up to 1.1 m³ can be picked up in quick succession. In addition, the hopper volume is designed for the new style of large container with a capacity of 2.2 to 3.2 m³. The waste is compacted in the new pendulum compactor on the way to the next stopping point. The low-wear rotation is driven by externally located pressing cylinders. Both the bearings and drive are protected under a cover, but are in an easily accessible location outside the dirty area. This means a lot less wear and, as a result, less frequent and faster maintenance on the bolted packer plate.

At a glance :

  • 28-34 m³ body volume
  • Liquid-proof hopper compactor
  • High-capacity pendulum compactor works in between stops
  • Lifter controlled from driver‘s position
  • Right or left-hand control
  • Lifts containers from 60 litres to 3.2 m3
  • Manoeuvrable: 28 m3 on a 4,000 mm wheelbase
  • Maximum application flexibility for all refuse and recyclable materials
  • Low-maintenance and easy to repair
  • Bin-stopper to protect containers
  • Safe discharge

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