FAUN has three rear loader models with different principles of compaction:
The roller-guided packing plate of the VARIOPRESS, the steering-controlled packer plate mechanism of the POWERPRESS and the rotary drum system of the ROTOPRESS. The POWERPRESS features high compaction capability and compact design and is ideal for disposing of “heavy duty” waste. The VARIOPRESS is an all-rounder which is ideal for collecting all kinds of waste. The ROTOPRESS is impressive above all due to its economic efficiency and has already found more than 35,000 proud owners around the world. The SELECTAPRESS has a divided structure enabling you to collect two fractions in a single trip.


The universal option

The new design of the versatile rear loader with a greater payload. More information on the VARIOPRESS


Cleanliness at every turn

The classic with the lowest operating costs. The perfect vehicle for compliance with organic waste management regulations. More information on the ROTOPRESS


The specialist – masters not only bulky waste

The new design for the robust rear loader with a greater payload: Perfect for collecting commercial waste, bulky goods and recyclable materials. More information on the POWERPRESS


Two streams in one round

The SELECTAPRESS is based on the VARIOPRESS concept and collects two types of waste cleanly separate. More information on the SELECTAPRESS DUO