Reversing Safety System (RSS)



The FAUN Reverse Safety System (RSS) offers the possibility of a visionary response to the current legal situation: The operator can ride on the running board while the vehicle is reversing without endangering his safety.

At a glance:

  • The innovative Reversing Safety System (RSS) for waste collection vehicles is a solution for waste logistics operators when reversing.
  •  According to EN 1501, refuse collection vehicles are not allowed to reverse if a person is standing on the footboard.
  • Problematic in densely populated residential areas with narrow roads as drivers have limited visibility. This can lead to devastating accidents or damage.
  • The driver is informed in the cab that the running board is occupied.
  • Workers hold the safety bar (with integrated sensors) firmly in their hands. This allows the refuse collection vehicle to reverse at 5 km/h.
  •  Workers have an excellent overview of the traffic behind and can stop the vehicle at any time if a dangerous situation demands it.
  • The unique RSS for FAUN bodies is approved by SIBE Switzerland, a certification body accredited in Switzerland and registered in the EU.