The all-rounder in the world of rear loaders

Its name says it all: FAUN‘s new VARIOPRESS offers the highest level of functionality in combination with elegant design. It can be used in any application and is the trend-setting solution for the disposal of all recyclable and waste materials.

You can get FAUN‘s new VARIOPRESS with two different body designs: With smooth side walls or, as an option, with ribs. The smooth container wall offers an optimum advertising space, and the ribs are a tribute to the classic ridged design.


  • Rear loader with body volumes from 7m³ to 30 m³
  • Available on 2-axle to 4-axle chassis
  • Packing plate compaction
  • Modern and elegant body with smooth body sides
  • Wheight-optimized, dimensionally stable construction of body and tail gate
  • Easy to clean and to maintain
  • Hot-dip galvanised intermediate Frame
  • FAUN-Control-System (FCS)
  • Extremely flexible for collecting all wastes and recylables
  • Use of high quality materials
  • Precise compaction unit with high and fast compaction performance

Technical Data

Body volume [m3] 7101214161416222429
Weight approx. [kg] (1)2.5005.2775.4335.5115.8235.4545.5586.2346.3546.962
Lenght (L) approx. [mm]4.3205.0425.4425.6426.2425.4425.7427.0427.2728.442
Width (W) approx. [mm]2.0002.3002.3002.3002.3002.5502.5502.5502.5502.550
Height (H) approx. [mm] (1)1.7502.4432.4432.4432.4432.4432.4432.4432.4432.443
Chassis recommendation (2)
Gross vehicle weight [t]7,515151516-1816-1816-18262632
Weight approx. [kg](1)3.0005.7005.7005.7006.0006.5007.5008.0008.0009.500
Wheelbase for standard driver's cab (R) approx. [mm]3.3003.2003.5003.7004.2003.6003.9003.9004.2004-Achser
Frame overhang (J) [mm]600650700700800700700650650650
Whole vehicle example (2)
Height, unladen, for approx. 1,000 mm high chassis2.6503.5003.5003.5003.5003.5003.5003.5003.5003.500
Height in discharge position approx. [mm] (5)3.9005.6005.6005.6005.6005.6005.6005.6005.6005.600
Approx. overall lenght, without lifting and tipping system [mm]6.5006.9007.2007.4008.1007.3007.7009.0509.27010.300
Overhang (LH) [mm] (3)1.7702.1842.2342.2342.3342.2342.2342.1842.1842.184
Weight approx. [kg]5.50010.97711.13311.21111.82311.95413.05814.23414.35416.462
Payload approx. [kg] (4)2.0004.0233.8673.7896.1776.0464.94211.76611.64615.538


(1) Including auxiliary frame (acc. to DIN 70020)

(2) Variations possible, depending on chassis make and optional equipment

(3) Measurement from centre of rearmost axle to rear edge of tailgate, variations possible depending on chassis type

(4) Fitting a lifting and tipping system and special equipment to chassis and body, along with accessories, will reduce the permissible payload. Achievable payload may vary depending on the collected material and chassis

(5) With 1,000 mm frame height