FAUN sweepers: VIAJET 4 compact

The compact road sweeper

The VIAJET 4 concept brings together the robust construction of typical 7.5 t chassis with all the practical qualities of a superstructure road sweeper. The approximately 1.9 m-wide chassis are ideal for urban use. Thanks to the lightweight design, a maximum payload of around 3 t can be achieved. The debris holding area has a loading volume of 4 m³, in accordance with DIN EN 15429-1. The container hood is made from light glass-fibre-reinforced plastic, and can be fully raised for refuse collection. In decentralised applications, too, the VIAJET 4 raised emptying function can be used to tip the load into pits up to 1.5 metres deep. The new engine configuration provides improved access to the area for servicing and allows for a high water capacity of 800 l.

The VIAJET 4 comes with FAUN's patented air circulation system as standard, which guarantees the lowest emission values in the expelled air.


  • Flexible, powerful and efficient
  • Basic chassis with high maximum permitted load capacity and maximum transport speed
  • Easy-to-service overall concept
  • Air circulation system with low emission levels and a high suction performance
  • Sweeping broom concept for flexible use
  • High dump for remote areas of use as standard
  • Innovative and elaborate collection container concept

Technical Data

System volume [m3] 4.3
Usable volumee due to EN 15429 [m3] 4.0
Payload approx. [kg](1) 3,000
Length hopper (L) approx. [mm] 3,300
Height hopper (H) approx. [mm] (without wander hose) 1,800
Width approx. [mm] 2,050
Water tank capacity approx. [L] 600
Tipping angle approx. [°] 90
Discharge height [mm](1) 1,500
Aux. engine Kubota type V2403M
Power [kW] 36
Engine volume [cm(3)] 2,434
Cylinder 4
Sweep gear
Width of the suction nozzle [mm] 550
Channel brush right hand side [mm] 600
Channel brush left hand side [mm] 600
Diameter wide sweep brush [mm] 300
Length of wide sweep brush [mm] 1,250
Sweept width max.
Gutter sweeping (Nozzle + channel brush) [mm] 1,000
Gutter sweeping right/left with wide sweep brush [mm](1) 2,140
Simultaneous sweeping [mm](2) 3,100
Sweeping speed [km/h] 3-15
General data
Recommendation chassis [t] ≥7.5
Wheelbase from (CA) [mm] 2,800
Overall length incl. chassis [mm](1) 5,250
Overall width [mm](1) 2,080
Overall Height (without wander hose) [mm](1) 2,500


(1) according to chassis

(2) according to configuration