Simple, robust and powerful sweeper attachment for commercial vehicles of 15 tones GVW (SYMPAJET 6) or 18 tones GVW (SYMPAJET 7) this sweeper is based on the gobally known FAUN sweeper technology, equipped with the patented FAUN air circulation system and reliable FAUN sweep gear.

Depending on the sweeper model, the hopper capacity of 6.4m³ (SYMPAJET 6) or 7.4m³ (SYMPAJET 7) will give you enough space for debris, no matter if you’re sweeping in a small city or on a large multi-lane highway.

At a glance :

  • High suction performance
  • Optimized for overseas transport
  • Simple operation
  • Air circulation system


FAUN product brochure SYMPAJET sweepers: