Your high performance specialist The VIAJET 12 is constructed for the harshest and most specialist working environments due to its size and performance. This sweeper, with extreme suction power, is mounted on a 3-axle chassis with 26 t permissible laden weight, and combines an enormous load capacity with great
volume, for maximum autonomy.

Application-oriented equipment programs make the VIAJET 12 a specialist machine for service providers who need to cope with the most demanding cleaning tasks quickly and efficiently on large construction sites and motorways.

The VIAJET 12 comes with FAUN’s patented air circulation system as standard, which guarantees the lowest emission values in the expelled air as well as a high suction capacity.

At a glance :

  • NEW: New model of the VIAJET 12
  • AQUATHERM for removing oil slicks (heating system and HD system 70 l / 300 bar)
  • Rear suction system

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