Sweeper system for thermal surface cleaning AQUATHERM is an additional piece of equipment for thermal surface cleaning. It can be integrated into the VIAJET 6 professional and the VIAJET 7 expert systems, whereby the original application of the sweeper mentioned remains intact.

AQUATHERM was designed specifically for industrial use; it is ideal for use on large surface areas or for cleaning up after an accident or oil spill. In the event of an incident or accident, the sweeper and thermal surface cleaner do not need to be deployed separately; it is enough to use the combined VIAJET AQUATHERM, resulting in faster response times and an outstanding cost/benefit ratio. The AQUATHERM offers clear additional benefits and opens up lucrative new applications to operators of sweepers.

AQUATHERM masters the challenges of its field of application by means of an integrated surfactant system on the front of the sweeper. This applies a cleaning fluid via a nozzle bar, which leads to the initial dissolution of heavy contamination. In the case of very tough contaminants, the cleaning fluid is also applied via the standard sweeping brush. In addition, AQUATHERM has a water volume of up to 2,000 litres, which can be heated to temperatures of up to 90° by a water heater with 3 x 100 KW. The loosened debris is pressure washed from the surface with this hot water and picked up by the integrated rear suction system.

This ensures rapid cleaning without leaving any residues. The quality of the cleaning is certified under the SRT test process.

At a glance :

  • Sweeper system for thermal surface cleaning
  • Usable with VIAJET 6 professional and VIAJET 7 expert
  • Optional extra for sweepers that are in general use
  • Application-focused for removing fluid, oil and fat from surfaces
  • particularly in the event of an incident or accident
  • Opens up new fields of application for operators of sweepers