Your made-to-measure solution With its diverse range of equipment and combination options, the VIAJET 6 can be individually configured to virtually any application.

The VIAJET 6 comes with FAUN’s patented
air circulation system as standard, which guarantees
the lowest emission values in the expelled air.

At a glance :

  • NEW: container design, suction shaft concept
  • NEW: STREAMLINE integrated fan with improved suction power
  • NEW: 1,900 l instead of 1,200 l standard water supply
  • NEW: engine concept – smaller, quieter and more efficient
  • Innovative drive concepts
  • NEW: Maintenance and service friendly – all control elements centrally located at a single point (pneumatics, hydraulics, electrics)
  • The most economic and cleanest VW auxiliary engine of its class (55 KW)


FAUN product brochure VIAJET 6 STREAMLINE sweepers: