A one-armed success story
VIAJET 8 – designed for construction sites
16. October 2017
Perfectly satisfied
16. October 2017

Since the technical overhaul and facelift, more than 100 new side loaders have been delivered to refuse disposal companies. In addition to the SIDEPRESS C1100, FAUN now also offers other lifter variants for a range of applications. The success story continues.

The SIDEPRESS C1100, with a proven C1100 arc lifter designed for the collection of 60 to 1,100 l containers via double-comb or double-diamond attachments, is the classic model in the SIDEPRESS series. Both attachments are available as removable solutions. The C1100 vertical variant provides customers with a lifter with true ‘close attachment’. Containers are lifted and emptied vertically, close to the vehicle, meaning that little space is required at the side.

In southern European countries, high temperatures and a lack of space for waste receptacles on or close to properties has resulted in the use of depot containers that are emptied daily. Residents take their waste to the containers, which are located just a few steps away from their property. These kinds of systems are common on the Iberian Peninsula, in Italy and in South America. With the new SIDEPRESS F3000, 2.2 m³ or 3.2 m³ containers can be lifted and emptied in around 30 seconds with 1.5 t of lifting force. To save space, the containers are positioned crossways to the direction of travel and are picked up on the narrower face. In contrast to existing solutions, the SIDEPRESS F3000 requires less space thanks to its significantly shorter wheelbase which results in increased manoeuvrability.

With the SUBWAVE model, prototypes of which are currently being tested, most of the container is underground, which improves the appearance of urban areas. Controlled remotely, the SIDEPRESS FC1100 securely removes containers from their underground or above-ground recesses and precisely returns them to their positions once emptied. This system is a single investment for two applications: In classic below-ground systems, containers are opened from the base and are therefore not leak-proof. In addition, this solution also requires a large, manually operated crane superstructure to lift the container out of the ground. This necessitates a great deal of space and effort. This new system for underground containers is a world-first and represents a perfect solution in terms of design, cleanliness and logistics.