Perfectly satisfied
A one-armed success story
16. October 2017
FAUN and the great guys “Pfundskerle” go future
23. January 2018

FAUN waste collection vehicles and sweepers are geared to work reliably, efficiently and sustainably. To ensure that it stays this way and that vehicle fleets are always available, FAUN have developed service concepts. Five coordinated packages which get vehicles on the road and make our customers happy.

The concept goes on. In 2016 more than 150 waste disposal specialists chose FAUN Full Service contracts. Burkard Oppmann, FAUN Services GmbH Director, is delighted at this development: “Our service concepts are very well received. With these agreed packages, customers have the opportunity to exchange their vehicles old for new after long-term rental contracts, and with financing from FAUN Services GmbH.” The companies therefore remain flexible, can calculate based on fixed quantities and always drive with the newest technology.

All measures help with the maintenance and availability of the vehicle fleet. The practical service and finance concepts enable customers to receive a reduction in expenses and investments. Service packages are available for FAUN waste collection vehicles and sweepers. “We want our customers to be best equipped for every situation and know that smooth and breakdown-free operation is our main goal. Our customers can concentrate on their business, and we ensure that the vehicles work,” Burkard Oppmann continues.

The company now plans to adapt the concepts for international service providers and personalise them for their individual situations. We compile service concepts consistent with the requirements of the country of origin. Perfectly satisfied.