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FAUN – Modular cockpit

Grimma, 30.05.2016. FAUN is set to showcase eight new road sweeper models and the AQUAJET road cleaner in Munich. In addition to these innovations, the company will also present a number of product enhancements designed with the user in mind, and is set to unveil the new modular cockpit for the first time.

WORLD FIRST. Modular cockpit

A highlight at the show is the new modular cockpit for the VIAJET STREAMLINE road sweeper. The modular design caters for both standard machines and special models, particularly power-class models, with a single operating concept. The new cockpit is a convenient combination of modern CAN technology with a tried-and-tested user interface. Functions such as the FAUN telematics system myFAUN can also be integrated into the easy-to-operate solution. The modular cockpit will be on show in the VIAJET 5 and the VIAJET 6 in Munich. By the end of the year, the modular cockpit will be fitted as standard in all VIAJET STREAMLINE series models. There’s another first on the VIAJET 6 too: The combination of a hydraulic drive concept with an Allison automatic transmission.

New to the range. Three-wheeled mechanical road sweeper

The last three-wheeled AK3 road sweeper rolled off the FAUN production line some years ago. But now, at IFAT, FAUN is set to launch the M3: A mechanically lifting, self-driving road sweeper. The advanced elevator system is not only low-maintenance and robust, but also incredibly powerful and reliable. The centrally positioned driver’s seat provides an exceptional all-round view, enabling the driver to keep the sweeping mechanism and the traffic ahead in sight. The raised emptying system works at heights of up to 2,900 mm, enabling loads to be tipped into pits. The machine was designed for the export market and can handle challenging sweeping conditions, such as cleaning up following a sandstorm.

VIAJET 8 and VIAJET 12 – Road sweepers for construction site applications

A VIAJET 8 with an HS 2000 hydrostatic drive, offering exceptional driving comfort, will also be on show in Munich. This road sweeper with an 8 m³ body has been equipped with an enlarged 1,900 l primary water tank for the first time, The standard total water volume is thus increased to 2,600 l. It is possible to have additional water tanks between the driver cab and the body. Especially for construction site applications, the VIAJET 8 is fitted with a hydraulically driven high-pressure pump with an output of 140 l/200 bar. The water pump powers various systems. The new SC250U surface suction system is fitted at the rear of the machine and features a modular design. Depending on customer requirements, a range of different nozzle systems can be fitted (FLATJET, TURBOJET or HYDROJET). The surface suction system can be moved to the left and right hydraulically, by up to150 mm in each direction, protecting the shoulders of the tyres when cleaning cut edges. The VIAJET 12 is a heavy-duty road sweeper for the toughest of challenges. The vehicle, which is FAUN’s largest road sweeper with a volume of 12 m³, will be demonstrated live during the VAK Trucks in Action demonstrations in the open-air exhibition ground. In addition to the standard 4,700 l water volume, the model on show will also feature an extra 1,200 l water tank – providing more scope for enhanced cleaning performance on, for example, motorway construction sites. To cope with the challenges of large construction sites, the machine is equipped with an SC250U surface suction system and a HYDROJET system. The water supply is powered by a hydraulically driven high-pressure water pump with an output of up to 136 l at max. 300 bar.

New HS 1010 hydrostatic drive for smaller road sweepers

FAUN is adding the HS 1010 to its range of hydrostatic drives. This hydrostatic drive is designed for small vehicles with a permitted total weight of 10 to 16 tonnes and engine power of less than 230 kW. The hydrostatic drive range at FAUN Viatec GmbH has been fully revamped in the last two years, and all models have been upgraded with the latest components. The focus of these enhancements was to achieve consistently high performance while minimising consumption. During servicing, all FAUN service partners across the world use standard test software for all FAUN hydrostatic drives and hydraulic drive systems.

A range of applications for multi-use road sweepers

In partnership with MAN and Meiller Kipper, FAUN also offers a VIAJET 6 R/L HX as a multi-use vehicle. The key advantage of this machine is that the MAN carrier plate can be used separately after removal of the sweeping unit and the full hydraulics system. The integrated winter hydraulics system is designed to power other attachments such as gritters, snow ploughs or a tipping platform.

AQUAJET road cleaner

FAUN will be demonstrating the AQUAJET road cleaner with a 10 m³ body during the live demos at VAK Trucks in Action in the open-air exhibition area. Like the VIAJET road sweepers, the AQUAJET features a modular design and can be fitted with individual equipment packages such as rinsing nozzles and bars or water jets. All models in the AQUAJET series are hydraulically powered, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and low consumption. Road cleaners can be used in low and high-pressure applications.

Visit FAUN at the FM 514/1 open-air exhibition area.



Press release: FAUN@IFAT_2016_Presserelease_sweepingmachines



Viajet 8: viajet-8-streamline/

Viajet 12: viajet-12-streamline/

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