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14. May 2018
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11. August 2018

Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Germany, 14 May, 2018. The FAUN Group will be focusing on three main topics at IFAT from 14 – 18 May 2018. Digital solutions for waste disposal logistics and road cleaning, alternative drive technologies and the new FAUN lifters for refuse collection vehicles. The Group will be rounding off its offering at the trade show with numerous efficiency-enhancing product improvements.


Reducing emissions produced by municipal vehicles is an important topic subject to intense debate at the moment. FAUN is showcasing two solutions with alternative drive technologies that can make a valuable contribution to improving the environment in polluted cities and urban areas, ushering in the waste disposal of tomorrow.
FAUN is presenting a series production zero-emission vehicle for the first time in collaboration with VOLVO. The vehicle’s FE electric chassis is provided by VOLVO and is the first battery-powered electric chassis. This is combined with FAUN’s electric E-ROTOPRESS. The vehicle was unveiled to the world in Hamburg, Germany, on 8 May and will be deployed by Stadtreinigung Hamburg from autumn 2018 on. The vehicle is scheduled to be available for sale from 2019 on. The scalable battery capacity allows the vehicle to be driven quietly without producing any emissions. It is also used to power the superstructure. The waste disposal vehicle is powered by two electric motors with maximum output of 370 kW (260 kW continuous output) and a twospeed gearbox from Volvo. Lithium-ion batteries are used to store energy. FAUN is presenting an innovative concept under the name BLUEPOWER: A waste disposal vehicle and road sweeper powered by a fuel cell and battery drive system. BLUEPOWER is an in-house developed, electric drive concept that combines hydrogen fuel cell and battery technology to increase vehicle range. FAUN’s BLUEPOWER concept is a direct evolution of the FAUN DUALPOWER technology. The Group has channelled the experience it has gained in this area since 2006 into this innovation and will start testing it in 2019. During household waste collection, refuse vehicles have to stop frequently. This can be every few meters in densely populated areas. With a conventional chassis, a lot of energy is lost in this way and particulate matter is created when braking. The two vehicles showcased by FAUN are electrically powered and also brake electrically. This means that a lot of the braking energy can be stored in the batteries and used to accelerate. As a result, the vehicles use up to 40 percent less energy. They do not emit CO2 or NOx and
produce less particulate matter. They are also much quieter. Making the noise of conventional waste disposal vehicles a thing of the past.


FAUN has teamed up with KOCO solutions AG to capitalise on the opportunities of digitalisation. The Group aims to increase efficiency levels for customers, which, in turn, will reduce environmental pollution and costs. KOCO connect is a telematics system specifically designed for refuse collection vehicles and road sweepers. One of its key features enables refuse collection vehicles to communicate with waste containers via fill level sensors. This intelligent vehicle communication ensures that vehicles only approach containers that need to be emptied. This reduces distances travelled, increases efficiency and is kinder to the environment. In future, FAUN vehicles will be made compatible with the KOCO connect system ex-works. The solution will be integrated into the vehicle control system. This allows routes to be more effectively planned and also minimizes downtime for maintenance and repairs.
The FAUN online support portal is another digital highlight. This platform comprises an online shop for spare parts and an online training portal for refuse collection vehicles, which contains a wealth of expertise from the manufacturer. In a bid to provide customers with help fast, the Group has been testing spare parts identification and visual support functions. It will be presenting a tool for identifying spare parts for the first time at IFAT. The system identifies spare parts based on customer photos and displays availability in the online shop. This eliminates the need for time-consuming research and ensures that spare parts are made available fast. With regard to Visual Support, customers wear smart glasses to show FAUN technicians the problems they are experiencing during maintenance and repair work. At the same time, the technicians are given instructions and get help fast, wherever they are.

NEW FAUN lifters for rear loaders: SKYLIFT, SKYLIFT X, and BARLIFT

FAUN is showcasing its own product segment in Germany for the first time – lifters for rear loaders. These products build on the vast amount of experience gained by the Ecotec Group, enabling FAUN to offer tried-and-tested, sophisticated technology. SKYLIFT is the Group’s first integrated high-level automatic lifter, weighing in at just 590 kg. SKYLIFT X is an interchangeable, high-level automatic lifter attached via a DIN frame. BARLIFT is a low-level lifter suitable for mixed use with containers and for manual loading. These lifters all feature a modern design with integrated camera systems and lights. This strategy enables the Group to offer superstructures and lifters from a single source. This means that customers can have the superstructure and lifter serviced at the same time, which reduces downtime.


FAUN is presenting two practical solutions that address the highly topical subject of safety for operators and members of the public. The FAUN Reversing Safety System (RSS) enables the operator to travel on the footboard while the vehicle is reversing without endangering their own safety. By holding on to the pivoting safety bar with integrated handle and a handbrake lever, the operator has a clear view of the rear working zone and can take targeted action to stop the vehicle. The second system from the manufacturer VISY is a surveillance system to the rear that uses 3D cameras to monitor the area surrounding the refuse disposal vehicle. Seamlessly integrated into the superstructure, the system monitors the vehicle’s environment in real time and brings it to a halt if a hazardous situation arises. This makes it easier for the driver to avoid dangerous situations. An additional monitor is not required as the system is integrated into the superstructure.
The FAUN Group employs 1,500 people worldwide and generated sales of 350 million euros in 2017. The superstructure manufacturer is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of refuse collection vehicles and road sweepers, with six production sites in five countries. FAUN is a part of KIRCHHOFF Ecotec, the environmental division of the global KIRCHHOFF Group. In 2017, the four business units of the KIRCHHOFF Group (automotive, tools, vehicle modifications and municipal technology) generated a turnover of 2.1 billion euros and employed 12,300 people.

Visit FAUN at stand 712/5 in the open-air, exhibition area

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