FAUN Viatec Enters New Collaboration Agreement with Boschung Scandinavia A/S in Denmark.

FAUN Viatec, a part of the globally active KIRCHHOFF Group, is proud to announce a new dynamic sales and service partnership with Boschung Scandinavia A/S in Denmark. This exciting collaboration with Boschung Scandinavia A/S, a well-established family-owned company specialised in manufacturing top-tier electric street sweepers and snow removal equipment, is now a reality and has been initiated with great anticipation," stated Mario Ringl, Sales Director for FAUN Viatec.

Earlier this year, Boschung Group delivered its final diesel-driven compact street sweeper. FAUN Viatec offers a wide range of sweeping solutions with both diesel and carbon-free alternatives. As a customer, you can choose from solutions that significantly reduce fuel consumption, lower noise levels, and limit CO2 emissions. FAUN's sweepers provide you the option to choose between Pure Electric and other technologies as alternatives to diesel-based solutions. "This range of alternatives, represented by FAUN Viatec, offers environmentally friendly solutions as compelling alternatives to traditional diesel-based models," stated Lars Kragh, CEO of Boschung Scandinavia.

For customers who prefer diesel, FAUN also offers an environmentally friendly solution. FAUN provides the Hydro-drive System, where the vehicle's engine serves as the sole power source. This engine drives both sweeping units and propulsion through an advanced hydraulic transmission. The result is emissions only from a diesel engine equipped with the latest EURO6 technology and a continuously variable transmission, leading to significant reductions in both operating costs and emissions," added Henrik Dahl, Boschung Sales Manager.

The sales and service partnership between FAUN Viatec and Boschung Scandinavia A/S represents an exciting opportunity for both companies. We are confident that our combined strengths will result in even better solutions for our customers and strengthen our position in the market. Adding to this, Lars Kragh concluded, "We look forward to a productive and rewarding collaboration with FAUN Viatec and expect to reach new heights together."

"This partnership with Boschung Scandinavia A/S allows FAUN Viatec to expand its network of sales and service partners to the Danish market and offer modern technology to local customers. Through the excellent service of Boschung's department, we believe we have the right partner for our activities in this region, and we wish our colleagues from Boschung Scandinavia a successful start," added Nicolas Malaplate, FAUN Viatec Sales Manager.

Boschung Group, with approximately 700 employees and branches in 12 countries, shares our vision of delivering groundbreaking solutions capable of handling tasks year after year. Our common values, including reliability, sustainability, and environmental awareness, are deeply rooted in our corporate culture and play a crucial role for both companies," concluded Nicolas Malaplate.

For further information about FAUN's street sweeping solutions in Denmark, please contact our new partner Boschung Scandinavia A/S at info@boschungscandinavia.com.


Photo: Nicolas Malaplate (FAUN Viatec Sales Manager) & Henrik Dahl (FAUN Boschung)

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