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The foundation of the Ansbach and Nuremberg vehicle factory as an iron foundry by Justus Christian Braun

Hans Jakob Ochsner founds OCHSNER in Oberhallau as a wainwright's workshop.


Construction of the first waste collection plant

Start of production of Rubbish truck and Sweepers

The plants in Ansbach and Nuremberg are merged to form Fahrzeugwerke Ansbach und Nürnberg AG, and the name FAUN is created.

Foundation of the House of Grange
(FAUN Environnement SAS)

Development of the first rotary drum car

The FAUN factories are completely destroyed by the war

Resumption of refuse collection vehicle production after the war

Resumption of sweeper development and production

Reorganisations were carried out in the entire FAUN corporate division. The plant in Osterholz-Scharmbeck takes over the municipal vehicles product group as an economically independent profit centre and becomes responsible for the development, design, production, sales and after-sales service of these vehicles.

Development of the new generation of pneumatic pick-up sweepers and expansion of the municipal vehicle range by adding sewer cleaning vehicles to the production and sales programme.

Establishment of a dealer network in Europe and expansion of all export activities

faun_weltkarte The refuse vehicle makers and sweeper makers

Expansion of the household refuse vehicle programme with a new series of compactor refuse vehicles (FHP types) that can be used universally for household and commercial refuse collection. The sweeper range is rounded off at the bottom by a small, mechanical city sweeper (AK316).

Takeover of KUKA Umwelttechnik by FAUN

Focus on the manufacture of waste disposal vehicles and truck-mounted sweepers

Acquisition of FAUN AG by the Kirchhoff Group, Iserlohn

FAUN Umwelttechnik AG is transformed from a corporation into the partnership FAUN Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

On 1 March 2002, the new and world's most modern production plant for refuse collection vehicles is inaugurated in Osterholz-Scharmbeck. 350 employees find their new workplace here

FAUN Services GmbH, a separate company for the purchase and sale of used vehicles and the preparation of rental and leasing offers, is founded.

Faun Service Support

Development of the Curved Body and the VIAJET FILTAIR

TRACKWAY (mobile makeshift road for uneven surfaces) is intensified and manufactured at FAUN MV, Llangefni (GB)


Development of the ROTOPRESS DUALPOWER. A hybrid vehicle that is powered by recovered braking energy.

We are quite busy and haven't had time to write down the past. That's why 14 years are missing here. Sorry. In the meantime, we have put the world's first hydrogen refuse trucks on the road, employ 2,000 cool people and are working on a real circular economy. Any questions?!

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