In the world of FAUN, everything revolves around innovative disposal vehicles and sweepers. Since its foundation in 1845, the brand has stood for fascination in vehicle technology and the four letters (vehicle factories Ansbach and Nuremberg) have always guaranteed progress, reliability and value stability.

FAUN’s 173-year history

2008Development of the ROTOPRESS DUALPOWER. A hybrid vehicle able to harness braking energy to operate electric motors
2007TRACKWAY (mobile temporary track for uneven surfaces) production is intensified at FAUN MV, Llangefni, (GB)
2006Development of the Curved Body and the VIAJET FILTAIR
2003FAUN Services GmbH is established as a separate company for buying an selling pre-owned waste disposal vehicles as well as arranging rental and leasing options.
2002On 1st March 2002, the world’s most up-to-date production plant for waste disposal vehicles is inaugurated in Osterholz-Scharmbeck. 350 people are employed at the new plant.
1995FAUN Umwelttechnik AG is converted from a joint stock company into the new partnership FAUN Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG
1994FAUN AG is taken over by the Kirchhoff Group in Iserlohn
1993Focus on the production of refuse disposal vehicles and truck-mounted sweepers
1983FAUN acquires KUKA Umwelttechnik
1980The domestic refuse collection vehicle programme is complemented by a new range of waste collection vehicles using compression which are universally suitable for domestic and commercial refuse collection (FHP types). The cleaning vehicle range is extended with the introduction of a small, mechanically collecting city cleaning vehicle (AK 316).
1976Creation of a dealer network in Europe and expansion of the overall export activities.
1974Development of the new generation of pneumatically operated vehicles and expansion of the municipal vehicle range through the incorporation of canal cleaning vehicles into the production and distribution programme.
1973Reorganisation of the entire FAUN company is carried out. The plant in Osterholz-Scharmbeck takes over the municipal vehicles product group as an economically autonomous profit centre and becomes responsible for the development, construction, production, distribution and customer service of these vehicles.
1950Development and production of road sweeping vehicles is resumed.
1946Production of the refuse collection vehicles is resumed after the war.
1943The FAUN factories are completely destroyed during World War 2.
1927The first rotating drum refuse collection truck is developed
1922The Grange company was founded (FAUN Environnement SAS)
1916Unification of the works in Ansbach and Nuremberg into ‘Fahrzeugwerke Ansbach und Nürnberg AG’, from which the initial letters form the company name ‘FAUN’.
1908Start of production of refuse collection vehicles and sweepers
1897The first `dust cart‘, especially for collecting rubbish, is produced
1846Hans Jakob Ochsner founded OCHSNER in Oberhallau, Switzerland, as a wheelwright’s workshop …more
1845Foundation of the vehicle manufacturing company Ansbach and Nuremberg as an iron foundry by Justus Christian Braun