The airfield sweeper

Thanks to its modular design, the TERRAJET can be optimally adapted to the specific requirements of any airport. Whether you want to clean taxiways, runways or the stand area, the TERRAJET masters all tasks with ease.

The TERRAJET is equipped as standard with the patented FAUN air recirculation system, which guarantees the best emission values in the exhaust air.

The floor pan made of V2A is raised at the side and, together with the large tipping angle, ensures good emptying and easy cleaning. The sophisticated air routing enables a high degree of dirt separation in the container.

Alternatively, the powerful superstructure engine with state-of-the-art exhaust gas purification and low-loss power hydraulics drives the high-performance fan and the other consumers. The body is thus driven completely independently of the chassis.

Even at speeds of up to 40 km/h, the TERRAJET picks up debris with ease thanks to its powerful fan.


The drive is provided by a power take-off from the traction motor. Optimum power utilisation of the engine achieves the best emission values. The elimination of the additional auxiliary engine reduces maintenance costs.

The TERRAJET's lightweight GRP plastic tank is absolutely corrosion-free and prevents limescale deposits. The arrangement of the tank ensures optimum weight distribution, improves stability when tipping and serves as sound insulation.


High cornering speeds can be achieved thanks to the mobile, oscillating sweeper unit. The trailing roller in combination with the blowing nozzles ensures the best possible cleaning result.

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