Washes rubbish bins with high pressure and hot water

Washes the bins with high pressure and hot water after emptying in a single operation.

Wash head (mounted on the left and right) rotates on two axes and is equipped with three high-pressure nozzles. The rotation is generated by the water pressure
Connection pipe to the waste water transport tank including C connection for cleaning the pipes or the waste water transport tank
Cleaning flap for rear section pan, shut-off ball valve for high-pressure nozzle for flushing the waste water pipe
Waste water drain in the loading tray
Pneumatically controlled pinch valve for shutting off the inlet pipe. When the waste water transport tank is pressurised with compressed air, the waste water is conveyed to the front
High-pressure hose reel with 20 m hose and hand gun for manual cleaning of waste containers, vehicles or soiling on the ground
Control unit including junction box for the HWP tank washing system
High-pressure water pump 100bar / 100l/min
Cleaning cover for dirty water tank
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