The drive concept consists of a 55 kW or 100 kW superstructure engine and complies with the Stage V emissions standard. For the market outside the EU and the USA, we offer an alternative 90 kW superstructure engine in accordance with the EU Stage IIIA emissions standard. The FAUN HS 1010 is used as the hydrostatic drive.

We offer the CITYJET with a choice of 5.5 m³ and 1,400 l water tank and 6.5 m³ with 1,900 l water tank. The robust sweeping unit with trailed disc brushes is available for right and left as standard, but is also available as an option for one side only. The modern CAN bus control system with a main display in the centre and a "Side Control" touch display on the A-pillar offer the driver optimum convenience during operation.

The dirt container, including the tailgate, dirt collection compartment, partition walls, roof and intake duct, is made entirely of stainless steel. The side panelling of the genset compartment is made of steel.

Safety support
The machine has an automatic, multi-stage safety support and non-return valves on the hydraulic cylinder to ensure safety in all situations.

Water tank
Integrated plastic water tank, recyclable
CITYJET 5: 1500l
CITYJET 6: 1900l

Suction chute made of die-cast aluminium with wear coating, collision protection, tilting function for picking up coarse material and integrated water nozzles (250 mm diameter, 750 mm wide)

Plate broom
Drawn disc brush with contact pressure control, tilt adjustment and optional infinitely variable position adjustment (600 mm diameter)

Roller broom
Swivelling, pendulum-mounted roller brush with infinitely variable speed and contact pressure control (400 mm diameter, 1500 mm length)

Blower/mounted motor (M variant)

DEUTZ 3.6l 55kW Stage V

  • 4-cylinder common rail diesel engine with turbocharger
  • Diesel particulate filter and catalytic converter (without SCR / AdBlue)
  • Stage V emissions standard for Europe (higher than US EPA Tier 4 final)

DEUTZ 3.6l 100kW Stage V

  • 4-cylinder common rail diesel engine with turbocharger
  • Diesel particulate filter, catalytic converter and SCR / AdBlue
  • Stage V emissions standard for Europe (higher than US EPA Tier 4 final)
  • Automatically connected with high-power hydraulics and high-power suction fan

DEUTZ 3.6l 90kW Stage IIIA

  • 4-cylinder common rail diesel engine with turbocharger
  • Stage IIIA emissions standard for countries outside Europe / USA

Manual roof suction system
The machine also has a manual suction system mounted on the roof for cleaning sumps or manually picking up piles of leaves. The roof boom can be moved very easily thanks to pneumatic support and has an operating radius of approx. 300°. A variant for mounting on the tailgate is also available as an option.

Nozzle bar with 7 nozzles

Display and SideControl
The cockpit has a 7" main display for settings, diagnostic functions and the display of the reversing camera. During sweeping, all important functions can be operated via a side control in the driver's door. The SideControl has a 5" touch display, joystick and operating elements for controlling the sweeping units, drive and main machine functions. Sweeping modes such as ECO, CITY and POWER are available to the driver to quickly adjust the sweeping performance as required. Operation is rounded off by a radio remote control which supports the tipping process and any necessary manual work outside.

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