Fully electric sweeper

The VIAJET E sweeper on the Designwerk MID CAB 18E chassis is available as VIAJET 6 E and VIAJET 7 E. 

The quiet, emission-free and extremely powerful electric drive reduces the impact on people and the environment. The proven and patented FAUN air recirculation system also guarantees the best emission values in the exhaust air.


The battery
The capacity of the vehicle batteries is
450 kWh and operates on the basis of a 400 V architecture. The position is located
weight-optimised behind the cab.

The charging socket
Thanks to the 150 kW fast charging socket, the batteries can be almost fully charged within 3.4 hours (80%)*, minimising the vehicle's downtime.

The drive
Two powerful electric motors drive the suction fan and the body hydraulics. 
The suction fan is driven directly by electricity. The sweeping brushes and tilting functions are driven by the tried-and-tested VIAJET hydraulic system. 

The cockpit
The clear and ergonomic cockpit enables intuitive operation of the chassis and sweeper superstructure. 

Electric powerhouse
Exceptional performance for the highest demands 500kW drive power in the traction drive. Same power as diesel-powered sweepers, up to 2200 litres water supply and 7.6m³ dirt collection area. Simultaneous sweeping on both sides. High-pressure cleaning up to 70 litres/100 bar, front ash bar, manual suction system.

Energy consumption 10 hours of use Energy consumption per sweeping hour: 40-50 KWh Energy consumption for transport journeys: 70-170 kWh/100 km* *according to the manufacturer


Electric drive of the sweeper superstructure

The blower and sweeping units of the sweeper
are driven by two powerful electric motors
driven. These are connected via the chassis with
energy supply. The driver can be completely independent
of the power requirement of the suction fan. The
The speed of the fan can be infinitely adjusted.
and individually adapted to the sweeping speed
be realised. Thanks to the demand-led electrical
drive, the drive concept produces significantly fewer
Power losses.

Battery-electric lorry for municipal use

The powerful electric drive of the Designwerk Mid CAB 18E combines three key features for municipal use. The all-electric, locally CO2-free drive enables a completely new driving experience in this vehicle class. Both in the cab and in the surrounding area, this concept shines with a very quiet drive. The powerful, seamless and yet finely controllable operation of the 18-tonne chassis makes you forget that you are driving a heavy truck in the city. Every turning manoeuvre in narrow streets loses its terror.

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