Sweeper and thermal surface cleaner in one

AQUATHERM is additional equipment for thermal surface cleaning. It can be integrated into the VIAJET 6 and VIAJET 7, whereby the original field of application of the aforementioned sweepers remains fully intact.

AQUATHERM has been specially designed for use in industry, for cleaning large areas and for cleaning up accidents and oil spillages. In the event of damage or accidents, the sweeper and thermal surface cleaner do not have to be deployed separately, but the combined VIAJET AQUATHERM is sufficient. This increases the speed of operation and offers a very good cost-benefit ratio. As a result, AQUATHERM offers significant additional benefits and new lucrative fields of application for sweeper operators.

AQUATHERM masters the challenges of its field of application with a surfactant system integrated into the front of the sweeper. This applies a cleaning fluid with a nozzle bar, which leads to the initial removal of heavy soiling. In the case of heavy soiling, the cleaning fluid is also brushed in by the standard sweeping roller. AQUATHERM also has a water volume of up to 2,000 litres, which can be heated to temperatures of up to 90° by a water heater with 3 x 100 KW. This hot water is used to wash the loosened dirt from the surface at high pressure and then removed via the integrated rear suction system.

This ensures residue-free and fast cleaning results. The cleaning quality has been certified in accordance with the SRT test procedure.

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