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Heiko Dirks becomes new CFO of the FAUN Group

Heiko Dirks (47) joins the FAUN Group as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO).


Space for originals: IFAT 2024 will be the stage for the refuse collection vehicle of the future and clean sweepers


The FAUN Group and the Swiss special vehicle manufacturer ICEE JUNGO AG are entering into a
strategic production partnership with the all-electric JUNGO 3.0 sweeper.

FZ UK takes over truck rental company C.P. Davidson

Our British company FAUN ZOELLER UK enters the vehicle rental market in Great Britain.

FAUN exhibits at the DEMOPARK 2023

FAUN has the equipment for construction yards, green spaces and special applications

FAUN Viatec inaugurates new production plant for sweepers

After 18 months of construction, the FAUN Viatec GmbH team will open the new production plant for road sweepers on 21 April 2023.

Hyundai Motor Group supplies HTWO fuel cells to ENGINIUS

ENGINIUS and the Hyundai Motor Group have signed a contract for the supply of HTWO brand fuel cell systems for the series production of ENGINIUS lorries.

FAUN Group acquires majority stake in Finnish company Trombia Technologies

With effect from 1 October 2022, the FAUN Group acquired a majority stake in the Finnish manufacturer Trombia Technologies.

FAUN Group wins the IFAT 2022 Sustainability Award for its climate-neutral trade fair appearance

"Right here. Right now." is the motto of FAUN's presence at IFAT 2022, the world's leading trade fair for environmental technologies.

FAUN PRESS RELEASE IFAT 2022 - Right here. Right now.

Overview FAUN IFAT 2022

IFAT 2022 - FAUN presents the concept of an automated road sweeper with a.sweep

FAUN is presenting the VIAJET 6 a.sweep concept, an automated road sweeper, at IFAT 2022.

IFAT2022 - Smart Compaction System - Smart control of compaction

FAUN launches a new innovation on the market with the Smart Compaction System (SCS) at IFAT

IFAT2022 - Innovation from FAUN - Reversing Safety System (RSS)

FAUN presents the innovative reversing safety system (RSS) for refuse collection vehicles and thus creates a solution

IFAT 2022 - With technical knowledge and a special lens, FAUN can offer a comprehensive service for customers' vehicle fleets.

With data glasses and digital service offerings, FAUN focuses on innovation and personality in customer service

IFAT 2022 - With ECOTEC Fleet as a joint venture between the manufacturing companies FAUN and ZOELLER

IFAT2022 - ECOTEC Fleet will also offer FCEV & BEV waste collection vehicles for hire in future.

IFAT 2022 - Right here. Right now." is the motto of FAUN's trade fair appearance

FAUN showcases the digital and climate-neutral future at IFAT 2022 in Munich

IFAT2022 - Emission-free heavy goods transport thanks to hydrogen drive with ENGINIUS BLUEPOWER

With BLUEPOWER, ENGINIUS, the new brand of the FAUN Group, is paving the way for emission-free heavy goods transport.

The future of climate-neutral lorry transport starts with ENGINIUS

Traditional company FAUN focusses on hydrogen drive and wants to make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change.

FAUN with a large world of experience at IFAT2022

Right here. Right now." is the motto of FAUN's trade fair appearance at IFAT 2022, the world's leading trade fair for environmental technologies

H2-CAMP: Expert exchange with quiet and CO2-free driving fun

The who's who of the hydrogen industry met at the H2 camps in Laatzen and Schlüsselfeld in September.

FAUN Viatec breaks ground for new plant in Grimma

FAUN Viatec breaks ground for new plant in Grimma. On 1 September 2021, FAUN Viatec GmbH will

2nd round for IPCEI application Clean Hydrogen Coastline

Project enters its second round.

Foundation of ECOTEC Fleet for rental vehicles

JV between FAUN and ZOELLER for rental vehicles.

FAUN takes over European sales of FUTURICUM electric chassis

FAUN will take over the distribution of FUTURICUM from 2021.

Burkard Oppmann becomes CSO FAUN Germany

Burkard Oppmann appointed as Managing Director of FAUN Umwelttechnik.

The future of waste disposal: First hydrogen-powered waste disposal vehicle in operation in Bremen

Abfalllogistik Bremen GmbH (ALB) is testing a hydrogen-powered waste disposal vehicle in real operation for the first time. in real operation.

Minister President Stephan Weil opens FAUN production facility for hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles

On Wednesday, 5 August 2020, Lower Saxony's Minister President Stephan Weil gave the official go-ahead for series production.

FAUN and k-tec Kraftfahrzeugtechnik establish service company in Bremen

Nehlsen subsidiary k-tec and vehicle manufacturer FAUN form new service joint venture.

FAUN presents trade fair highlights in digital broadcast format

IFAT with a difference: Despite the official cancellation of the trade fair, FAUN is presenting its numerous new products in digital form.
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