The powerful rear loader

Wherever the highest demands are made, the POWERPRESS is the right solution. It is consistently designed for the highest loads and is also a universally deployable collection vehicle.
The unique handlebar-guided loading mechanism has been specially designed for the highest demands and compaction rates. With its low loading edge and large-volume loading trough, the POWERPRESS easily collects bulky waste on a large scale as well as materials from containers up to MGB 10 m³.

Side-mounted tailgate opening cylinder, optimally protected from external influences. Retracted when not actuated.

Multi-stage compaction during each loading process. The collected material is additionally pre-compacted and shredded in the loading trough between the press plate and the front wall via the radially guided loading mechanism.

The limit switches integrated in the cylinder ensure smooth running and reduce noise and wear.

The double-acting telescopic cylinder on the discharge plate enables precise control of the back pressure. This means that compaction can be regulated or switched off completely depending on the fraction.

The hot-dip galvanised and universal intermediate frame is corrosion-resistant and can be mounted on any chassis without any adjustments. It enables flexible mounting of the container.

Optimum side area illumination thanks to all-round lighting

LED lighting (optional)

"Powered" running boards, electrically driven, automated.


The specialist - not only for heavy cases: In addition to bulky waste, all materials in containers up to 10 m³.

FAUN Control System (FCS)

Everything in view with the intuitive FAUN control system.

SCS - Smart Compaction System

Automatic determination and setting of the compaction rate. Optimises the payload without manual intervention by the operator optimises the payload and shows the driver the current fill level in terms of volume and weight.

With transfer lifter

Manual lifter with two separate pick-up units for MGB and large containers. One-piece comb pick-up and integrated folding arms as well as large container swivel arm with chain hanger for emptying and skip containers.

Centre crane

With its high lifting capacity and long reach, the centre crane can handle large underground containers, even at a greater distance from the vehicle.

Roof crane

The comparatively favourable roof crane leaves more space for the container and the load is supported by the additional container reinforcement. The roof crane is suitable for use close to the vehicle.

Rear crane

The rear crane is the lightest crane variant and is particularly suitable for smaller underground containers and sacks.

Alternative drives

Drive concept ideally suited for all electric chassis. Already in use in several variants.


Cable winch

For emptying large containers.


Interchangeable frame

The frame can be removed quickly and easily, including the lift, and enables the removal of bulky waste.

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