The original: Often copied. Never equalled.
Some classics are better bought as originals. The ROTOPRESS from FAUN is one of them. It is one of the most economical refuse collection vehicles for the removal of residual waste and household-type commercial waste.
With the appropriate lifter, the ROTOPRESS can empty all containers from 60 litres up to MGB 1,100 litres. The ROTOPRESS is particularly suitable for the removal of biowaste, which is homogeneously mixed and compacted in the rotary drum. Only one thing is in motion here, and that is the rotary drum. The ROTOPRESS therefore requires minimal maintenance and repairs. This makes it particularly economical.

New extraction system in the rear: easily accessible, easy visual inspection from the floor when the cover is open, low cleaning effort

Screws instead of welding: The wear protection plates of the press screws are screwed on and last for years. Replacement is easy, saving time and money

Robust and quiet - even quieter with continuous sprocket. Made from one piece (optional).

Optimum workspace illumination thanks to all-round lighting.

Optimum workspace illumination thanks to all-round lighting.

Tight down to the smallest crack: the waste sits directly in the gap between the container and lid. This seals the container to the rear section and nothing falls out.

Liquid collection tray (optional). New design for even less maintenance and cleaning, optionally available in stainless steel.

"Powered" running boards, electrically driven, automated.

LED lighting (optional).


Liquid-tight container base

The container is emptied by changing the direction of rotation of the drum. The drum cleans itself without leaving any residue - there is no time-consuming cleaning in hard-to-reach places, corrosion is avoided and odour pockets cannot develop in the first place.
The right size for every application: small and manoeuvrable for urban areas or maximum payload on 4 axles.

Design panelling

The container washer for on the go.

Half panelling

Saves more than just weight: the drum offers an ideal opportunity for creative advertising messages.

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Rear or centre crane
For holding large containers and underfloor containers.
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The container washer for on the go.

FAUN Control System (FCS)

Everything in view with the intuitive FAUN control system.

The little ROTOPRESS

All ROTOPRESS advantages in a width of 2.20 metres.
Manoeuvrable, high payload and short overhang:
8 m³ body volume, 3 m low, ~4 t payload.
Also for 2- and 4-wheel containers up to 770 litres.

Alternative drives

Drive concept ideally suited for all electric chassis. Already in use in several variants.

SCS - Smart Compaction System

Automatic determination and setting of the compaction rate.

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