Your successful start to working life


Young people who put their heart and mind into their work are a good fit for us. We rely on you, your wealth of ideas and your energy. You help us move forward. An apprenticeship at FAUN brings solid knowledge, independent action and team spirit. You too can become a FAUN "Pfundsmädel" or FAUN "Pfundskerl". We currently have 40 apprentices in various training programmes! No matter where your vocation lies, technical, commercial or creative, FAUN has something for you!

Accurate coal

You earn over EUR 1,000 (gross) in your first year of training

Fully safe

We support you with your pension scheme and occupational disability insurance

Trainee Challenge

Every year we honour the top 3 trainees with a big bonus

Me Time

30 days holiday per year and 36.5 hours/working week

You can continue your training and take part in exciting seminars during your apprenticeship.
You are in demand: strong trainee team, because you organise joint events and carry out projects or social media assignments on your own responsibility

Near by: You work in an internationally active family business very close to home

Only applies to commercial apprenticeships:

Work-life balance ahoy! We offer you flexible working hours.
If you want, you can do the additional qualification "European Business Management Assistant" including a 3-week internship abroad within the KIRCHHOFF Group.

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