As an owner-managed company, we feel connected to tradition and committed to the future.

For FAUN to be successful, it is important that all employees have a common understanding of the company's goal. A shared vision creates a sense of togetherness and gives direction to our endeavours. It formulates our aspiration to always be among the best in everything we do. Each individual contributes to making our vision a reality.

Our Values ...

... provide orientation and security. They form the basis of our daily actions. We work according to these values worldwide.

Honesty Trust reliability Respect social, ecological and 
Cultural responsibility

Our Behavioural
principles ...

... are the guideposts for our daily cooperation. We will only be successful in the long term if we all stick to these rules together.


The future viability of our business activities is important to us, especially with regard to future generations. Sustainable management has always been one of our core values and for us means harmonising the three dimensions of economy, ecology and social responsibility.

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