Powerful city runabout

The VIAJET 5 combines a high usable volume with compact dimensions. This makes it particularly suitable for municipal use. Equipped as standard with the patented FAUN air recirculation system, which guarantees minimum emission values in the exhaust air with high suction power.

The inclined arrangement of the fan optimises the volume flow and reduces
the accumulation of dirt. The resulting improved suction power is also suitable for heavy debris.
The GRP tank of the VIAJET 5 is absolutely corrosion-free and lightweight and prevents limescale deposits. The arrangement of the tanks lowers the centre of gravity, ensures optimum weight distribution and improves stability when tipping.

In combination with different driving
customised diesel tank solutions are available for the various locations.

The V-shaft has a very high suction power thanks to the optimised air flow. Large objects can also be sucked in via the wear-resistant leaf flap.

The pushed sweeping roller has a large angle of attack to the suction chute. This ensures that the material is fed into the chute very quickly. The automatic locking mechanism secures the roller during transport.

The disc brush of the VIAJET 5 avoids obstacles well. The arrangement in front of the sweeping roller means that no dirt is left behind.

The easily accessible set-up box can be accessed without tilting the container. The clear arrangement of the setting functions enables simple basic setting of the sweeping systems.

As with all VIAJETs, all switching elements and valves of the VIAJET 5 for compressed air, hydraulics and electrics are arranged in a central, easily accessible location. This allows service technicians to quickly find their way around when troubleshooting. The dust and water-protected units simplify regular maintenance.

The raised base tray made of V2A
together with the large tilt angle ensures
good emptying and easy cleaning. The
particularly high dirt space delays the
Oversuction even when fully loaded. The
The water tank is separate from the container, which
the stability is increased when tilting.

The FAUN air recirculation system

The FAUN recirculating air system constantly feeds the air sucked in from the hopper back to the blowing nozzle behind the suction chute. The already moistened and heated air - loaded with new dirt - is sucked back into the suction shaft and circulated. The recirculated air volume can be infinitely adjusted between 30 and 70 % depending on the application.

Only the relatively small amount of air that is not circulated flows out calmly under the machine. The fine dust emissions of FAUN sweepers with recirculation system are therefore approx. 50 % lower than those of purely suction sweepers. The clean exhaust air also does not stir up any dust, because it exits behind the sweeping units above the part of the carriageway that has already been cleaned.

By adding water to the blowing air, the road in the working area of the suction shaft can also be cleaned. In winter, it can also be used at temperatures as low as -5 °C with the addition of water in the suction shaft, as the circulating air warms up by approx. 15 °C and thus prevents the water in the suction shaft and container from freezing.


Floating suction shaft

Pneumatically relieved suction shaft, relief adjustable via controller

Suction mouth tilt

Pneumatic tilting of the suction chute for picking up coarse material

FLATJET behind the sweeping roller

FLATJET HD washing bar mounted behind the roller brush

Front road washer

Low-pressure wash bar mounted under the bumper

Fine dust nozzle package

Fine dust nozzles on the sweeping units reduce dust pollution with minimal water consumption

Cable pull for the leaf sieve

Lowering the leaf sieve via a cable pull at the rear of the vehicle

Cleaning flap for the intake duct

Additional cleaning flap for the intake duct above the tailgate

Manual suction system at the rear

Pneumatically assisted manual suction system at the rear with manual shut-off flap

Brochure FAUN VIAJET 5

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