Smart Compaction System

Intelligent control of compaction

The FAUN SCS is a system for the automated and intelligent adjustment of compaction in compactor plate vehicles. It ensures optimum interaction with the recyclable material.

The innovative Smart Compaction System from FAUN automatically recognises different fractions. The compaction is automatically adjusted, ensuring optimum utilisation of the available volume and payload. At the same time, the mechanical load on the superstructure components and thus unnecessary wear is reduced. Overall, operation becomes more efficient and conserves resources and the environment.

Digital vehicle management KOCO

Always keep an eye on everything in real time. With KOCO Fleet - the telematics system for recording operating data, tracking & monitoring.

Bird View-Display

Bird View driver assistance system

Camera-based driver assistance system with up to 360° all-round vision - helps to prevent accidents and protect people.

RSS reversing safety system

The operator can ride on the running board while the vehicle is reversing without jeopardising his safety.

SCANTEC fault and recyclable material detection

Digital solutions for the quantitative and qualitative recording and assessment of waste composition of various fractions

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