1,500 m² world of experience

20 FAUN vehicles

60 FAUNis and great partners

our trainees covered around 1.5 million steps in service over the 5 days

1,200 ice creams have been eaten

240 min. showtime at the VAK demo area

We have won 3 awards

Climate-neutral & smart vehicle technology

  • NEW in the family: the autonomous trombia free sweeper
  • Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles BLUEPOWER
  • battery electric vehicles from DESIGNWERK Technology AG

Road Heros

  • VIAJET sweepers with modern drive concepts & intuitive operating terminals in various body sizes
  • CITYJET sweeper: the universal sweeper for city cleaning without an air circulation system
  • Small but powerful: manoeuvrable and lightweight CITY refuse collection vehicle with aluminium body on electric chassis
  • the unique and unmistakable FAUN ROTOPRESS
  • the variable VARIOPRESS and powerful POWERPRESS
  • Refuse collection vehicles with crane solutions
  • BIONEA, smart waste collection on a 12 tonne chassis

With emotion to lower emissions

Awarded the GoGreen certificate for a climate-neutral trade fair appearance

The Safety User Display (SUD) shows the loading personnel information from the surroundings. This can be vehicle-relevant data on the loading process or what is happening around the lorry. This means that the loader always has a complete overview.

The FAUN Smart Compaction System (SCS) is used for the automated, intelligent adjustment of compaction in compactor plate vehicles. It ensures optimum interaction with the recyclable material. The SCS automatically recognises different fractions. The compaction is automatically adjusted and thus ensures optimum utilisation of the available volume and payload. At the same time, the mechanical load on the superstructure components and thus unnecessary wear is reduced. Overall, operation becomes more efficient and conserves resources and the environment.

FAUN connect transfers vehicle and route-relevant data to a cloud. This information is made available to the operators in a targeted manner. This allows routes to be optimised or route planning to be simplified.

With Smart Hopper Control, the load tray is monitored by an AI-controlled camera. The camera records the area in front of the lifter and inside the hopper. The AI automatically calculates the optimum time to start the compaction process based on the combination of bin type, bin size and load tray utilisation. 

The electrically powered running board responds to gestures. No more tiring bending down to fold the running boards up or down. Using AI, the loader can control the footboard itself using hand movements. 

Improves safety through complete all-round monitoring of the vehicle and display for the driver. This facilitates safe manoeuvring in road traffic.

Monitoring of the working area at the rear of the vehicle. This gives the driver an overview of what is happening in the loader's working area.   

Wet outside, cold and your gloves are clammy, but there are still a few rubbish bins around? FAUN has built a glove dryer for this. The loading personnel can pack the wet gloves into an electrically operated heating box, which has been installed in the working area of the loaders. This allows the gloves to dry on the way from bin to bin. 

Everything under control: Indirect, even illumination of the handles at the rear. The colour scheme and lighting increase safety, the loader can see where he needs to grip and the handles are nice and warm even in winter.

The hygiene board provides a hand-washing facility for loaders directly at their workplace. Soap, water and paper towels are neatly organised in one place: in the hygiene box under the body. No searching or loss of space.




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